31 October 2013

Lace pencil skirt

Shirt Atmosphere, Skirt Asos, Shoes Mango, Necklace H&M

30 October 2013

Polka dots

Dress Top Secret, Jeans Dress Primark, Belt Mango, Boots Oasis, Bag  JS by Jane Shilton

28 October 2013

Animal prints

Sweatshirt Zara, Skirt Asos, Shoes Mango

26 October 2013

Simple camel

Top Atmosphere, Trousers Vero Moda, Necklace Opia, Bag JS by Jane Shilton
Shoes Paweł Powroźnik

24 October 2013

Bowed shoes

Dress Asos, Belt Vintage, Shoes Clarks, Clutch Primark

22 October 2013

Knee length black tulle - my own design

I have always been creative. As a teenager I loved drawing, especially clothes and jewellery. I usually get inspired by small things. Sometimes when I see a fabric, amazing connections start forming in my head. Ideas are just popping out one after another so I have to quickly write them down so not to loose any of it. I started designing recently to put some of the ideas into practice. My first project is tulle skirt in different length and colours. I'm creating designs, my friend Małgosia is my tailor. The first skirt is simple, elegant and classy, knee length black tulle skirt. When I saw the result in real life I was really delighted with it. When I tried it on my daughter asked: " Mummy are you a beautiful princess? Well, I'm not. I said. But I do definitely feel like one wearing this skirt " :) 
I went to the Creative Fashion Show night in September wearing this skirt. It was a perfect choice for this occasion. I felt comfy, elegant and unique. I got some praise too :) After that I decided to go forward and create more designs, so watch the space.

Tulle skirts are perfect for many occasions and can be worn in a number of different styles: elegant, sporty, casual, glam rock etc.. If you like the skirt and you'd love to buy it please go to My Marketplace. Be quick, there's only one available!

19 October 2013

Next Direct Christmas Collection!

Last Wednesday in the Cliff Townhouse Hotel in Dublin Next Direct presented  Christmas Collection!   
Entire room was styled beautifully with Christmas decorations, candles and lights. In the middle of the room was a huuuge table with accessories which definitely caught my attention. Full of jewellery, watches, shoes and bags in baroque splendour. Absolutely amazing. Congrats to the room stylist!

18 October 2013

Ruffle dress

Dress Zara, Jacket vintage, Boots Paweł Powroźnik,Watch CK 

16 October 2013

Orange & Navy

Shirt Atmosphere, Trousers Zara, Bag Mango, Shoes Dorothy Perkins, Watch Aldo

14 October 2013

Leo coat

Coat H&M, Top H&M, Trousers Vero Moda, Shoes Mango

13 October 2013

Blog Awards Ireland Ceremony

Yesterday evening in The Osprey Hotel in Naas Irish Bloggers got rewarded in 32 categories.

11 October 2013

Boho style

Boho chic is a mix of hippie and bohemian style, discovered  by designers and stylists in 2004. The main elements of boho are maxi over sized dresses and skirts, fur vests, jeans jackets, colourful tunics, wide belts and big handbags.In fashion world Kate Moss and Sienna Miller are one of the famous boho followers. Stylist  Racheal Zoe with the help of reality TV star Nicole Richie, became the pioneer of the 'boho-chic' look. 

Sweater Reserved, Shirt Atmosphere, Dress H&M, Belt Diverse, 
Bag JS by Jane Shilton, Ankle boots Zara, Watch DKNY

10 October 2013

Fishnet top

Long sleeve top Zara, Bandeau top Mango, Trousers Mango, Shoes Mango, Earrings vintage

09 October 2013

Denim biker

Dress Vero Moda, Vest Silvian Heach, Ankle boots Zara, Watch CK

07 October 2013

Military ruffle skirt

Sweatshirt Atmosphere, Skirt Warehouse, Shoes Mango


06 October 2013

Sweet Sunday

Sweet Sunday treat. Home made waffles with fresh fruits, whipped cream and toffee glaze. Mhhhm Yummy!!!

04 October 2013


Top Farrell & Brown, Skirt Mango, Belt Vintage, Bag Mango, Shoes Paweł Powroźnik

03 October 2013


Sweater Asos, Shirt Vero Moda, Trousers Savida, Necklace H&M, Shoes Atmosphere
Bag JS by Jane Shilton

02 October 2013

Palazzo trousers

Palazzo trousers are popular in summer season. They are loose and tend to be flattering in light, flowing fabrics that are breathable in hot weather. Silk, cotton, jersey and other natural fibre textiles are popular fabrics for this design. Palazzo trousers are less frequently seen during the winter months, but they may be found in wool or heavy synthetic fabrics as well. They look well on everyone regardless the body shape.  Worn with high heels will extend the legs optically.

Top H&M, Trousers Dorothy Perkins, Shoes Mango, Bag Mango, Earrings Gallery
Men's Watch Zeppelin

01 October 2013

Royal blue mini bodycon

Dress Top Secret, Blazer A Wear, Belt Top Secret, Shoes Mango