30 December 2014

Black on red

Coat River Island, Shirt Primark, Tank top Vero Moda, 
Cossack Accessorize by Monsoon, Trousers Mango, Boots London Rebel, Glasses Firmoo

27 December 2014


Scarf Tommy Hilfiger via TK Maxx, Jacket Reserved, Trousers Vero Moda, 
Ankle boots Dorothy Perkins

25 December 2014


Merry Christmas Everyone :) 
Hope you're having great time!

23 December 2014

Lace mini

Coat Mango , Dress Dunnes Collection, Boots Primark, Belt Reserved, Gloves River Island

21 December 2014

Editorial in Asos

 Recently a couple of my looks featured on some popular brands websites. Being spotted isn't easy as there are million of fashion bloggers who post their looks every day. Hence every time I'm chosen to be editorial girl makes me very happy. 
A few days ago Asos again published my look, this time in Faux fur editorial . 
Thank you so much Asos Team!

18 December 2014

Bottle green

Coat Zara, Scarf Savida, Dress, Ankle boots , Belt Mango

14 December 2014

Xmas Party look inspired by Carrie Bradshaw

My look : Dress  Warehouse Spotlight Collection, Flower and Clutch Primark
Shoes Mango

11 December 2014

Long slit maxi

Dress Mosquito, Lace top vintage, Leggings Savida, Belt Top Secret, Ankle boots Zara

07 December 2014

Comfy days

Jacket Mango, Sweater and Snood Primark, Jeans Asos, Ankle boots Dorothy Perkins,
 Socks H&M , Bag Dune via TK Maxx

04 December 2014

MONDSS Underarm Wear Review

      When Jane from MONDSS asked me to write a review of her Mondss Underarm Wear product I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, as I don't believe in miracle products. But I decided to give a try anyway. So I tested the underarm wear on 3 occasions.
I wore it for busy day at work with white shirt, a party night when I had silk black dress on and fashion event while wearing lace top. I must say results are absolutely fantastic. First, and for me, the most important thing to mention is that the product feels very comfortable and not visible at all. Second, a very handy, small pads will fit in every clutch, purse or small pocket. Third, no marks at all left on any of previously mentioned clothing.
     There is 10 underarm wear pads in a box that cost only 9.99 euro. To be perfectly honest I really like the Mondss Underarm Wear. It's not something that I would use on daily basis, but for the big upcoming Xmas events it will be definitely on my 'don't leave house without' list!

02 December 2014

Mink silk

Shirt Vero Moda, Jumper and boots Primark, Skirt Zara, Bag Savida, 
Watch CK, Lipstick Inglot

30 November 2014

Wear cossack this Winter

Cossack Accessorize by Monsoon, Coat Primark, Jumper H&M
Trousers and Ankle boots Mango, Bag Savida, Gloves River Island

28 November 2014

Black & white in the dark

Fur and Sweater H&M, Skirt Bershka, Bag Savida, Ankle boots Mango, 
Necklace Primark, Gloves River Island

26 November 2014

Sporty leather

Coat Primark, Top Reserved (AW14), Trousers River Island, Jacket, Bag, Shoes Mango

24 November 2014

Featured on Asos web

Hi Guys, 
What a fantastic day for me today!
Recognition at work and  look featured on Asos website! It couldn't be better! :) So happy me! :-D

More about the look you can find on Asos or on my blog directly in here

22 November 2014

Grey weather

Top Zara, Longline sweater H&M, Skirt Pamela Scott, Shoes Dunnes Collection
Socks River Island, Snood Primark, Bag Mango

20 November 2014

Knitted poncho

Hat Primark, Poncho Vero Moda, Shirt Reserved
Trousers and Bag Mango, Ankle boots Zara

18 November 2014

From sporty to glam

There are days when I like to wear comfy casual outfits however sometimes I need to quickly transform my outfit from casual sporty to glam and I don't have time to go home to change my clothing. I have a few recipes I follow to get instant glamour look when I need it.
 One of the recipes is to change my shoes from casual, e.g. trainers to golden high heels. They look good with pretty much everything. So just in case, maybe it's time to get those golden heels stuffed somewhere close (office, car, etc.). They might "rescue" your look one day :)

 Top and Coat Primark, Trousers, Trainers, Heels Mango

15 November 2014

Autumn leaves

Sweater Asos, Tank top Vero Moda, Skirt Warehouse, Fur vest and Boots Bershka

13 November 2014

Sunny, comfy checks

Long-line rollneck H&M, Vest Pull and Bear, Trousers Primark, Shoes Zara (SS14)

12 November 2014

Cheryl Glam Sessions @ Beauty Bootcamp

Do you want to know the secret of Cheryl Cole's look? There is now a very easy way to find out.
Beauty Bootcamp organizes Cheryl Glam Sessions where professionals share there tips and knowledge on how to get most wanted look. Smokey eyes, perfect skin, beautiful hair style. Week ago I was the lucky one who could attend pre-launch session with Leo and Naomh. Here are a few pics from the event, but I won't tell you the best tips I've learned...if you like what you see below, why don't you sign up yourself... :)

09 November 2014

Stripes & polka dots

Top H&M, Dress Top Secret, Belt Diverse, Ankle boots Bershka SS14
Bag JS by Jane Shilton

07 November 2014

Leather trousers

Top Reserved ( AW14), Trousers River Island, Heels Primark (AW14), Watch CK

05 November 2014


Jacket Mango, Top Primark, Trousers and Shoes Asos, Bag Zara (SS14), Glasses Firmoo
Watch Zeppelin (borrowed from my husband)

02 November 2014

On the green

Shirt Mango, Trousers H&M, Plimsolls Asos

31 October 2014

Wild things

Mango total look : dress, jacket, scarf, bag, Jumper Zara ( similar here
Ankle boots Bershka ( SS14)

28 October 2014

Fur vest and floral mini

Dress Endora ( I also like this and this ), Jacket and Bag Mango
Fur vest Bershka, Ankle boots Zara

27 October 2014

It's time to get red...

"Winter is coming"...with short days, long evenings, lots of rain and lack of sun.
To keep me in a good mood I decided to go for colour therapy and I purchased new red frames from Firmoo. As I was very happy with my first delivery from Firmoo (Looking through blue glasses) I went straight to their website to look for my perfect red pair. As before also this time placing the order was quick and easy. Then a week later I got new red glasses delivered...they gonna keep me in happy mood during dark Winter time.  And what's your tip for staying in great mood during Winter season?

Glasses Firmoo

25 October 2014

Soft pink bouclé

Coat Primark (AW 14), Dress Mango, Shoes Asos, Necklace Aldo

24 October 2014

Autumn's pastry

Autumn is a great time not only because of the beautiful nature around, it is also a time when we have yummy, sweet plums. Today I would like to share with you very easy recipe for pastry with fresh plums and cinnamon icing.

21 October 2014

Quilted match

Coat River Island, Sweatshirt and skirt Asos, Ankle boots Zara

19 October 2014

Giant dots

Shirt Primark, Trousers Mango, Shoes Dunnes Collection, Glasses Firmoo

17 October 2014

Featured on Asos and River Island websites

Great creation of mine Grids and stripes look
has recently featured on Asos and River Island websites :)
Happy, lucky me! 
BIG thanks! :)

16 October 2014

From Summer to Autumn: Jumpsuit

Sweater Mangooutlet, Jumpsuit Primark, Belt Diverse ,
 Ankle boots Bershka (SS14), Watch DKNY

14 October 2014

Spotted on Primark web

Happy days!!! My looks  Grids and stripes and Pale pink tulle 
were spotted on Primark web. Yahooo! :) Thanks a million Primark Team !

13 October 2014

Grids and stripes

Fur coat River Island, Jumper Mango, Trousers and Pumps Primark

12 October 2014

Hello Autumn!

Spring and Autumn are my favourite seasons of the year. I love when Spring, with shyly sun, brings the nature back to life, while Autumn with chilly winds prepares flora and fauna for deep winter sleep. Irish Autumn is beautiful every year, full of colours, tastes and sunshine. This amazing time is now on, so enjoy the Autumn's treasures and take a sec to see it through my eyes.

10 October 2014

Oversized knitwear

Sweater Zara TRF, Trousers Mango, Hat H&M, Ankle boots Bershka (SS14)

08 October 2014

Sporty bridge

Coat Warehouse, Top Asos, Trousers Savida, Shoes Skechers, Bag Mango

06 October 2014

Enjoying the view

Dress River Island, Jacket Asos, Shopper Zara, Shoes Primark, Glasses Gok Wan

04 October 2014

Weekend mix

Shirt Zara, Trousers H&M, Brogues Asos ( similar here, here and here), Watch DKNY

02 October 2014

Short & long

Mini dress used as jumper Top Secret,  Vest and Skirt H&M, Scarf  Dunnes Collection
Ankle boots Zara, (similar here, here and here), Bag Mango

30 September 2014


Top & Shirt Primark (Men's section),Skirt New Look, Jacket vintage, 
Ankle boots Paweł Powroźnik Design, Watch Zeppelin ( borrowed from my husband)

28 September 2014

Rowanberry time

Sweatshirt Mango, Shirt Primark (Men's section), Jeans Vero Moda, Pimsolls Asos

26 September 2014

Red & striped

Dress Top Secret, Top, Belt and Shoes Primark, Hairclip Rossmann, Watch DKNY

24 September 2014

Work out the classics

Top Vero Moda, Trousers Mango, Sandals Zara ( SS14), Hat Primark

22 September 2014

Dark, ugly, slippery

Sweatshirt Terranova, Skirt Zara (similar here, here and here), Shoes Primark

20 September 2014

Cropped Orange

Sweater Vero Moda, Capris Zara, Shoes Clarks, Bag Mizensa

18 September 2014

Sporty stripes

Dress Mosquito, Bag Mango, Shoes Primark, 
Men's Watch  Zeppelin/ borrowed from my husband :)

17 September 2014

Oat cookies with coconut

Healthy, delicious and very easy to make - oat cookies with coconut.
I love home-made stuff especially cookies and cakes. With no artificial flavours, there's nothing concealing ingredient's true taste, plus I know what they are really made of. My favourite recipes (including this one) allow me to make delicious cookies easily and quickly.
In a mood for cookies now? Follow the instructions below and in 30 minutes you will taste the heaven ;-)