03 February 2014

Hair SPA

     Perfect look is composed of not just clothes. Perfect look includes appropriate make up (in most cases not too heavy) and of course good hair cut. Today I would like to bring to your attention Hair SPA salon I’ve been frequenting for last 5 years. 
I’m one of those women who are not afraid of hair experiments. I've had it all, from very short and asymmetric to long and straight hair. With fringe, without fringe, with highlights and no highlights, blond, brown and black. Frankly speaking, anything what’s possible, but everything what suits my face and style. I've been to many hair dressers in town, those cheap and those very expensive, looking for the one who will understand my needs. I’m a very demanding customer and, as most of you know already, it is not easy to find someone who has good skills and will be honest with you. Most hair dressers do whatever you want (not always what you REALLY want) and will not even think about your hair condition, eyes colour or face shape. For me well done haircut is the one which looks good when you wake up in the morning, and  not the one that looks good only when you sit on the chair in a hair salon.
I recommend Hair SPA salon because in the past five years I never was disappointed with the service received. What I like the most about Marek (the owner and hair stylist) and his crew is that I feel at ease there and I can trust them completely. My every idea, even the craziest one, is discussed, assessed, sometimes shot down (my curly hair has its limits!), but not without proper explanation. Even if this happens it's immediately followed by some, usually more suitable, suggestion.
Beside the fantastic service I like the little extra things i.e. wooden boards for coffees or huge pillows that are offered during the treatments to make you feel comfy. Many of you were asking me about good and professional hair dresser. So here you go:
Marek has kindly agreed to offer 10% discount to everybody who uses this magic word: ADDICTEDTOFASHIONFOREVER. 
It's makeover time!.

 So how do you like my (very) straight hair...? :)

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