24 April 2014

Fashion Show & Meet the Designer @ Dundrum SC

2 weeks ago at Dundrum Shopping Centre Stylist Colm Corrigan presented his ideas of  the best looks in SS2014. There were 5 themes of the fashion show: Summer Separates, Matchy Matchy, Sports, White on White & Colour of Summer. Colm had used clothes, shoes and accessories currently available at Dundrum SC. Here are a few pics from the event:

with Colm

with MC Courtney Smith

At the same time at Harvey Nichols, Brendan Courtney, designer & TV Star was showcasing his new collection from Lennon Courtney. Those fabulous, minimalistic and elegant garments are available at Harvey Nichols from now on.


  1. Elizabeth Hisle25 April 2014 at 14:33

    Looks amazing. Glad you were able to enjoy this!


  2. yes I did enjoy it ( while taking tha pics :)