12 November 2014

Cheryl Glam Sessions @ Beauty Bootcamp

Do you want to know the secret of Cheryl Cole's look? There is now a very easy way to find out.
Beauty Bootcamp organizes Cheryl Glam Sessions where professionals share there tips and knowledge on how to get most wanted look. Smokey eyes, perfect skin, beautiful hair style. Week ago I was the lucky one who could attend pre-launch session with Leo and Naomh. Here are a few pics from the event, but I won't tell you the best tips I've learned...if you like what you see below, why don't you sign up yourself... :)

Leo and Niamh getting the Cheryl's look

Here is the final result

Me with Naomh, who showed me a few make-up tips for my complexion. 
Thanks so much Naomh!

And some more info about available sessions on Cheryl Glam

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