04 December 2014

MONDSS Underarm Wear Review

      When Jane from MONDSS asked me to write a review of her Mondss Underarm Wear product I wasn't sure if I wanted to do it, as I don't believe in miracle products. But I decided to give a try anyway. So I tested the underarm wear on 3 occasions.
I wore it for busy day at work with white shirt, a party night when I had silk black dress on and fashion event while wearing lace top. I must say results are absolutely fantastic. First, and for me, the most important thing to mention is that the product feels very comfortable and not visible at all. Second, a very handy, small pads will fit in every clutch, purse or small pocket. Third, no marks at all left on any of previously mentioned clothing.
     There is 10 underarm wear pads in a box that cost only 9.99 euro. To be perfectly honest I really like the Mondss Underarm Wear. It's not something that I would use on daily basis, but for the big upcoming Xmas events it will be definitely on my 'don't leave house without' list!

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