31 March 2015

Happy Birthday!

       Time runs quickly! Addicted To Fashion Forever is celebrating its second Birthday. Nooooo, you are not mistaken, this website was born 2 years ago! 2 years ago my passion for fashion got its own place where creativity and imagination could be shown, enjoyed and followed. In the past I've learned a lot about fashion, blogging and PR. I've met amazing people and attended some really greats events. I have never got tired of blogging and never had enough of my beloved fashion. Blogging is my hobby and the only wish I have is that I could turn it into my full time job, but who knows what the future brings.

      Thank you all for your visits to the website, your nice comments and for following. Everyone one of you motivates  me to do more, to think outside of the box and to create unusual and original looks. There are many years ahead of us together, so stay in touch with Addicted to Fashion Forever! :)

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