31 July 2015

Manfredonia charm

Travelling is for me always a great excuse to shop. I believe all of us women will say that every reason is a good reason, right? ;-) So this time it couldn't be different! During my nice long vacation in Italy I have travelled trough many small villages and big cities absorbing atmosphere of South Italy. With no plans and just spontaneous decisions based on what we felt in the mood for we have arrived in Manfredonia. Lovely sunny weather kept us outside walking trough the city from early mornings to late evenings. Of course I couldn't stop myself from popping here and there to check what the shops were offering as every country has different fashion style. And this is how I got my fabulous block heel sandals in tan leather from Michael Kors in Paglione shop :) I think you know how it is... you see it, you love, you must have it ! :) This is exactly how I felt about those sandals. Love at first sight! ;-) 
If you want to feel some love too you don't have to travel to Italy but just visit the Paglione website, where you will find  designer shoes, bags, clothes and accessorize! Let the designer pieces charm you! 

Jacket and Bag Mango, Shorts Primark, Jumper H&M, 
Belt DKNY via Kildare Village, Shoes Dorothy Perkins

Manfredonia, Italy

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