11 November 2015

November wishlist

Now that we are in November, the days are getting darker, the weather is colder and Christmas is still a little too far away to get excited about. What we all need when November sets in is a host of fashionable products to lift our moods; to help carry us through the dark month and battle the elements in a way that is fun and fabulous. Whilst designer clothing and accessories would be absolutely ideal, many of us face a pretty big financial barrier when it comes to indulging in the most fashionable pieces: I for one do not have thousands of pounds to be spending on clothing. But, we can dare to dream, and here are the pieces that we wish we could invest in to get us through November. They may only exist in the realm of our imaginations, but there’s nothing like a little fantasy to get you through the dreary dankness of winter!

Winter warmer

No one can survive winter without a coat that can keep you perfectly warm whilst also making a serious style statement. With a limitless budget, we’d invest in Céline’s midi-length cream number. This coat oozes with old school glamour, cinching in at the waist to flatter your figure before flaring out subtly. Slightly more feminine than the classic trench coat, this piece also comes with a slight French froufrou finish by sporting a sumptuous fur collar and matching cuffs. Whilst this piece definitely harks back to old-school Hollywood glamour, its styling kept it immeasurably modern and contemporary. Like the models on the runway, we’d team this luxurious coat with bright aquamarine eye shadow, long wavy locks and gold hoop earrings.

  Disney delights

Marc Jacobs recently unveiled his new collaboration with certified dream-factory Disney with an array of clothing and accessories inspired by the bright and colourful 1951 animated feature film Alice in Wonderland. Now,we can sport iPhone cases, make-up bags and handbags that are stamped with iconic moments from the film, for example, Alice falling down the rabbit hole and the unnerving grin of the Cheshire Cat. As whimsical and fun as the film they inspired, this collection is a must-buy, not only for fans of Marc Jacobs’ other accessories collections but also for fans of this timeless film. 

Fantasy knit

Knitwear is absolutely essential at this time of the year. Perfect for layering outfits to create effortless deconstructed looks, they also provide ample warmth and comfort when the weather really begins to turn. Whilst understated jumpers are nice and pared-back for off-duty dressing, what I’d really like is a jumper that pops with a bit of colour, features some bright embellishments to give my ensemble a lift and still provide unparalleled warmth and comfort. There’s only one place to go: Markus Lupfer. He has built a business on the back of his divinely sequinned knitwear: at £320 at least, they’re not exactly cheap; but wearing something so fun and refreshing would be a great antidote to winter drudgery. Shop similar styles at MARY JANE FASHION

Sartorial sneaking 

 Why buy a plain pair of sneakers when you could wear a pair of this gorgeous pair of Charlotte Olympia hi-tops? Stamped with rich pink roses on a striped background and sporting a gold spider’s web at the ankle on each boot, these sneakers are luxurious and fun. Charlotte Olympia is known for her exquisite collections of pumps and heels, in particular her comfortable ballet pumps with a cat’s face on each foot. November, I fear, would do great damage to a delicate pair of flats, so sneakers are definitely a good fashionable alternative. Having said that, at £290 a pair, we’d still do our best to avoid puddles and mud… 

 November wishlist- Guest Post by Elizabeth Harper

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