17 February 2016

Perfectil® Plus Nails Review

Perfectil® Plus Nails is a great all-round advanced supplement providing targeted nail nourishment from within to help support healthy nail growth. Each tablet has been formulated with over 25 micro-nutrients including Vitamin C which helps support normal collagen function, essential for optimal nail health. I have been testing the product for last 6 weeks to check if it makes a difference to the nails, skin and hair.  What I have noticed after just 2 weeks of using is, that my nails stopped breaking and splitting into a few layers. They became nice, smooth and stronger instead. And I love the fact that I can put new nail polish on every day and there is no damage to them.

After a longer period of using Perfectil® Plus Nails I noticed a visible difference to my hair condition.  Curls are usually very “thirsty” so there is no option of not using special products such as oils, conditioners and masks. However the Perfectil® Plus Nails works on curls too!  My hair looks shiny and nourished and is a lot easier to style, which is fantastic as I don’t have to spend 20 minutes every morning working on it!

 The product has also changed my skin condition. The Irish Winter this year is all about storms and heavy winds and believe me I have had enough of it and cannot wait for some warm sunny days. But before those times come it is worth preparing your skin for a glamorous look this Spring. None of the cosmetics will make you look fab if your own skin condition is bad.  Winter time is usually a moment when the skin dries and looks dull and “tired”. I had this issue too, but since I started the Perfectil® Plus Nails I see that a good kick of collagen was given. My face appears brighter, smoother and softer, which means I am ready for the start of Spring! Thank you Perfectil® Plus Nails you make me look perfect! :)

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