04 March 2016

Wedding party in the air? Get dressed!

The wedding season is about to start. This year a few of my friends are getting married, so exciting times ahead of me. With every wedding party comes an outfit dilemma. What should I wear?....the midi classic cocktail dress or stunning gown in maxi length?
Frankly it all depends on the character of the ceremony, and I found a way to feel comfortable and look fabulous at every wedding party, whether it is a big luxurious 5 star hotel wedding or a small country side family party. I achieve the best results when I choose an eye-catching, but not necessarily simple, cocktail dress like those below from OKDress.co.uk.

Either extraordinary strapless body chiffon dresses in rich vibrant colours  

   Dress 1                                 Dress 2                                      Dress 3

          Dress 4                                     Dress 5                                   Dress 6


            Dress 7                                   Dress 8                                     Dress 9

or timeless bodycon midi length dresses in classic shapes
    Dress 1                               Dress 2                                    Dress 3

     Dress 4                                             Dress 5                                           Dress 6

     Dress 7                                 Dress 8                                         Dress 9

all of them will look amazing and definitely unique.

As you already know I am an online shopping freak and I love the fact I can be at home with a cup of coffee under a warm fluffy blanket and still have it all - a limitless world delivered  to my door. 
I like to plan and have the looks ready waiting for me in my wardrobe, so I start shopping early to make sure everything will be just perfect for the day I need it. To avoid stress and disappointment it is worth getting a dress a few months or at least few weeks before the big day, this way you will have time for alterations or an accessory search, if necessary.
Wedding party in the air? Start your research today! Vist OKDress.co.uk 

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