09 August 2016

How to look stylish in a skirt

Skirts are one of the timeless pieces in the fashion world. Their style, shape and length may vary depending on the hottest fashion trends but there are certainly some of the styles that will never be out of the fashion world. Skirts are very easy for outfit creation and great to hide certain areas of our bodies we aren’t 100% satisfied with. There are different types of skirts to choose from based on length, style, design and fitting. You just need to find the right one for your body shape. Let us share  with you  different styles of skirts from our website stylewe.com

Midi skirts: offer variety of outfits. They look wonderful in almost every fabric, style and design. No matter if it’s a ribbed midi skirt, ruffled one or a casual with pockets. Either plain sporty or swing floral they will all look fantastic on every body shape as long as they stay in the midi length. For a sexy look, try on high-low fitting midi skirts and enjoy the attention. For more formal look and workwear you can choose plain white, black or a neutral colour skirts that are made of a good quality fabrics.

Denim skirts: they say that fashion trends keep coming back over and over again, although every time slightly adjusted to the present. Denim skirts are definitely one of the returning trends. They are never far away from the designer’s world and getting “discovered” again now and then. Denim skirts are great pieces of clothing in any length: mini, midi or maxi. No matter which one you choose your outfit will be still flattering high fashion. The current best though is the A-line buttoned denim skirt. If you don’t have it in your wardrobe just yet don’t wait, get yourself one. Be trendy :)

Maxi skirts: suit almost every body shape and they are currently on the top of the must-have lists in the fashion world. You can wear them either with a short knitted top, printed t-shirt or classic white shirt to achieve your perfect comfortable outfit. Pattern casual maxi or evening plain elegant silhouette —all will look amazing to hang out. If you are looking for a romantic but still chic look, asymmetric maxi skirts with lace or ruffles will do the job for you. 

Slit skirts: either knitted, silky or cotton; maxi or midi skirts with slits are still very popular. Wear it with you favorite top and be fashionable all over the year.

Mini skirts: girl’s wardrobe without a mini skirt means you haven’t experienced the adventure of fashion that comes with this length. You get a really nice chic outfit out of the mini skirt as long as you keep the balance between the top and the bottom. The best results you achieve while styling it with oversized chunky sweater for wintertime or boyfriend t-shirt with patchwork for summer season. Crazy weekend with friends, night out party or a special date, a leather high waist mini skirt will make sure all the eyes will be kept on you that day. 

 Post prepared in collaboration with Stylewe

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