07 March 2014

Hot piece: Earrings

Trends for Spring and Summer 2014 continue on with big, visible jewellery. Colourful, shiny necklaces and earrings are everywhere. My very own collection is getting bigger too, as I looove accessories. This trend might continue for longer however I don't like spending too much money on seasonal accessories. Firstly you never know if you use it in the future, secondly you can find it boring after a while.
When it comes to earrings ASOS is one of my favourite brands. Beside interesting designs, I appreciate the quality and the prices too. It's packaged in beautiful, simple, small carton boxes which is a nice touch. They have friendly returns policy, so if you don't like what you purchased, you can always send it back.
There are many other brands with great selection of accessories, it all depends on what you prefer. Beside ASOS I like Aldo, Zara and New look. Bijou Brigitte and Parfois also have nice pieces in reasonable prices. It's all up to you to decide which ones you like the best! 
Here are few pictures of my most beloved earrings. Necklaces will come in a separate post soon. Enjoy and stay tuned!

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