23 March 2014

Make a Wish...

1 year and 1 day ago I published my first post. The past year was a year of improvements, new experiences, challenges, mostly of happiness but also a year of difficulties. I developed new skills and learnt how to pose and take better pictures. I opened my mind to new experiences, started experimenting, and fulfilled one of my dreams, started designing clothes.
I must say this blog wouldn't exist without my husband's huge support. He takes all pictures ( but few) and he also looks after the technical side of the blog. Blogging is quite time consuming and requires commitment and persistence. Preparing a post from the very beginning to the very end can take a few hours so without support I would not be able to do that. Of course this blog wouldn't exist without You either. All my Followers and Visitors who make me believe in myself. BIG thanks to all of you.

For upcoming year of blogging what I wish to myself is to have more time for what I love. I wish myself to have more opportunities for improvement and good design ideas. 
And for all of you I wish you to continue enjoying my blog. I hope you do get inspired by my stylisations and I hope that some of you did fall in love with fashion with me.

Happy 1st anniversary everyone!

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