27 October 2014

It's time to get red...

"Winter is coming"...with short days, long evenings, lots of rain and lack of sun.
To keep me in a good mood I decided to go for colour therapy and I purchased new red frames from Firmoo. As I was very happy with my first delivery from Firmoo (Looking through blue glasses) I went straight to their website to look for my perfect red pair. As before also this time placing the order was quick and easy. Then a week later I got new red glasses delivered...they gonna keep me in happy mood during dark Winter time.  And what's your tip for staying in great mood during Winter season?

Glasses Firmoo


  1. They're lovely on you Marta! I love the two tone effect, very unusual!

    Emma x

  2. Thx Emma, it is usual indeed and I like them a lot! :) xoxo